About korean red ginseng

Korean red ginseng has been in the spotlight as a superfood for centuries as an immune enhancer in Asia. Korea has ideal soil conditions and climate for ginseng cultivation, hence Korean red ginseng is known to be the world’s highest quality and one that works most effectively.

Korean red ginseng contains more than twice the content of saponin (ginsenoside), the most important ingredient in red ginseng, unlike ginseng produced in other countries.

WHAT IS Ginsenoside?

The prime reason for taking red ginseng is the essential component “Ginsenoside”.

In the process of ginseng turning into red ginseng through the hot steaming and drying, ‘Saponin’ a main component of ginseng is changed to an active component that could be easily absorbed to the body. It is called “Ginsenoside” which is only in red ginseng. In more than a hundred ginsenosides of red ginseng, ginsenosides Rg1, Rb1, Rb3 are the most abundant and are usually regarded as the main ginsenosides that carry on health benefits.

The red ginseng manufacturing process

Korean red ginseng is made by steaming and drying fresh ginseng (ginseng picked from the farm), repeating several times.



Fresh Ginseng from farms



Ginseng is rinsed thoroughly




Steamed  in a steamer with sufficient water




Placed on a tray and dried under the sun in a well-ventilated area

ginseng (1)


The well-dried ginseng is now called red ginseng

Why Korean Red Ginseng

The 6 Main Efficacies of Red Ginseng Certified by MFDS

Improve your immune system


Promote Relief of Fatigue

Improve Blood Flow

Activate Antioxidant Effect

Improve Memory

Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms